THEATREDU1K.COM  A Journey into puppetry

“L’affection is each such state considered as an encounter between the affected body and a second, affecting, body … ” (Massumi, Plateaus xvi)

Telling the stories of  encounters  between human and non human :  puppets, objects, shadows  or silhouettes communicating through various interfaces, screens or media. Shadows are not always black, they can disperse into an endless spectrum of colours if projected on a screen. The screen will reveal them.
 Various types of screens can bring in many different characters of encounters. Computer vision helps the process of revelation. The computer adds a new dimension, a new inter-mediation between ourselves and our extended bodies.

Sabrina’s last artefacts installation is a metaphor of how non human can demonstrate their agency while taking the human participation into their performance.
The Code is a Shadow Bubble is an exploration of alien agency, and a tangible outcome of the new space of creativity laying between human and machines. A theatre play with non-human and human node actors. A generative puppet performance. This responsive installation using touch sensing, natural language processing, sound visualization and basket weaving.


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