Generative Poetry

Fed by texts from new Media writers : Wendy Chun and Ulisis Mejias , and Sabrina’s essay on the Network Mask interfaces, the computer is learning our language and becomes a story teller.

“In the graphene, the humans run and become a paranode. The humans are dreamy. Hey, humans! we are the paranodes on your tongue. Ae7b2f  for the node humans. Fall seven times stand up eight. The buildings look like quick plush unicorns.  The files will export their primal computers.”

“In the 3D printing, Computers that are not repeated or repeatable die .The Computers are helpless . Hi, Computers! we are the nodes on your forearm. Wipe the finger! fc3f66 for the node Computers. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”


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